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Photo to Cartoon 7.0

Turns photos into cartoonish images
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Modifies your digital images making them look like drawn cartoons by adding a sketch effect. Great for making avatars or customized greeting cards.

Photo to cartoon is software that allows you to transform easily any photographic image into a comic-style, drawing-like image.
The program is very easy to use. First, you must load the image you want to convert. The image can be in any of the most popular formats like .jpg, .bmp, .png and .gif. Then, you can choose the level of detail desired, which can go from a few colored areas to a more deteiled rendering. Also, you can merge several areas with similar colors to an one-color area, or split big areas of one single color into more akin-colored, smaller areas. Also, you can replace any color with one of your choice. For example, if the subject of the photo is dressed in blue, you can replace blue with orange, or any other color.
The program alows you to manage the smoothness level of the borders of the colored areas. Also, you can choose to render the outlines of the image, in a style akin to pen-and-ink drawing.
The trial version of the program is fully functional. It allows you to make ten cartoons only. If you intend to keep on using the program, you must purchase a license.

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